Judy Finnegan was interviewed after we happily welcomed Judy and her husband, Richard Madeley, to a literary lunch at Chenies Manor.”WE HAVE been rushing around the country this week promoting Richard’s new novel The Night Book and among the hidden gems we visited was a 15th- century house in Buckinghamshire called Chenies Manor.
Chenies Manor

“Chenies Manor is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Henry VIII

“I’d never heard of it before but it’s stunning. The house itself is big and rambling but somehow cosy rather than grand. And the traditionally English gardens are unbelievably beautiful.Before Richard gave his talk we all had Pimm’s on the lawn and then lunch with the guests. I sat next to the owner and she told me about the creepy history of this extremely haunted house. Tudor ghosts galore.”Henry VIII stayed there and to this day can be heard stomping about the house. He was so fat by then he had dicky knees and had to be helped upstairs by a pulley.”Elizabeth I stayed at Chenies too and it’s documented that she lost a piece of jewellery in the garden near a 1,000-year-old oak tree, still magnificently alive. Also beneath that same tree she signed the warrant for the arrest and imprisonment of her half-sister Mary Queen of Scots.
Elizabeth I

“Elizabeth I signed the warrant for the arrest and imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots at the manor

“Most haunted of all is “the Green Room”, one of the manor’s many bedrooms, said to be stalked by the ghost of a woman. Unfortunate visitors sleeping there are often awoken by the feel of ghostly hands around their throat, as if the apparition wants to choke them.The owner has experienced this spectral sensation and so have many of her friends. So, readers, if you are looking for a day out this summer I recommend Chenies. It’s open to the public a couple of days a week (check their website).”There are two nice pubs in the very pretty village, where you can have lunch. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.”
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